9th Annual LaBute New Theater Festival

All Plays Performed July 7-23, 2023

Safe Space, by Neil LaBute,

Cast - Jane Paradise* (Woman),
Reginald Pierre (Man)

The Blind Hem, by Bryn McLaughlin,

Cast - Anthony Wininger (Robert),
Eileen Engel (Kate)

Da Vinci’s Cockroach, by Amy Tofte,

Cast - Laurel Button (Finn),
Colleen Backer (Dana)

One Night in the Many Deaths of Sonny Liston,

by J B Heaps,
Cast - Reginald Pierre (Sonny),
Eileen Engel (Her)

The Mockingbird’s Nest, by Craig Bailey,

Cast - Jane Paradise* (Daisy),
Colleen Backer (Robyn)

*Member Actors’ Equity Association, Photos: Patrick Huber