Playwright: William Luce

Directed by: Erin Kelley

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Saint Louis Stalwart Actor John Contini returns to our stage to reprise the role in which Christopher Plummer won a Tony for his portrayal of John Barrymore. Each act begins with a stunning entrance onto a stage that the legendary actor has rented to prepare for a comeback performance of Richard III. Barrymore jokes with the audience, spars with an offstage prompter, reminisces about better times, and does delicious imitations of his siblings Lionel and Ethel.

A Limited Engagement! Two Weeks only!


"A dazzler! A portrait of riveting complexity and paradox that finds the balletic elegance in a drunken stagger, the poetry in a blue joke and the churning guts in rarefied verse. As [Barrymore] walks toward his own death it's with the jaunty [...]"

- The New York Times

"As good as one-man shows get."

- The New Yorker

"A staggering success [...] Must be seen, must be savored."

- New York Post

"A perfect image of Barrymore."

- New York Daily News