Playwright: William Luce

Directed by: Erin Kelley

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Saint Louis Stalwart Actor John Contini returns to our stage to reprise the role in which Christopher Plummer won a Tony for his portrayal of John Barrymore. Each act begins with a stunning entrance onto a stage that the legendary actor has rented to prepare for a comeback performance of Richard III. Barrymore jokes with the audience, spars with an offstage prompter, reminisces about better times, and does delicious imitations of his siblings Lionel and Ethel.

A Limited Engagement! Two Weeks only!


"This new production marks a glorious triumph for performer, director and off-stage talent Alexander Huber, whose voice as the prompter, Frank, serves as an ‘every man’ source of exasperation as Frank patiently works to keep Barrymore anchored to the task at hand."

- Mark Bretz, Ladue News

"Remarkable tour-de-force for a seasoned pro used to delivering classic portrayals of Shakespeare, Albee, Miller, Mamet and more during a career that has spanned over 40 years."

- Lynn Venhause, Poplifestl

"Mr. Contini braves it all as if he were both a great detective at the end of a chilling whodunnit as well as the half-comic killer himself."

- Richard Green, Talkin' Broadway

"BARRYMORE is an exquisitely written script that is exceptionally acted in this first-rate production at St. Louis Actor’s Studio."

- James Lindhorst, Broadway World