Forget Me Not

Playwright: Kyle Marlett and Gunnar Sizemore

Directed by: Kyle Marlett and Gunnar Sizemore

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“Forget Me Not“ is the journey of one human figuring out what it means to be remembered. We’ve all experienced the feeling that there’s not enough time. We sometimes wonder what will happen after we’re gone, how will our stories be told, and how can we leave a lasting impact? Kyle asks all of these questions of himself and seeks to find the answers with you.

Kyle Marlett is running out of time. All his life, he’s felt the overwhelming need to leave a mark on the world. It’s a lifelong pursuit that leads him to magic, this show, and this moment, right now. Prepare to witness stunning visuals, impossible illusions and raw storytelling as Kyle examines our time on earth and the connections between all of us. Why are we here? What do we leave behind? 

Kyle Marlett is an American magician based in Los Angeles with a passion for real magic. He’s collected over 1.5 million followers and over a billion views, and now he’s focused on more meaningful connections. Kyle’s performed for national television on shows like The Tonight Show, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Penn & Teller’s Fool Us. He’s produced original magic for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and some of the most viewed Netflix series. All of this has led to this moment, right now. Kyle is ready to retake the stage with a new piece of theater that combines magic and storytelling like nothing you’ve seen before.